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Executive Chef Thad Gillies

While many chefs are inspired by Grandma’s recipes or a family history of rowdy dinners, Venue’s Executive Chef Thad Gillies became a chef because his mom was, in fact, a terrible cook. Finally introduced to decent meals in dormitory dining and a job flipping burgers, Thad has been developing his own new-American recipes since he was seventeen. Prior to joining Venue, Thad owned and operated prominent Ann Arbor restaurant Logan for nearly two decades, as well as Asian inspired chef driven fast food concept, Chow.

Originally from Milford, Michigan, Thad started his culinary career at Zingerman’s Deli, working his way up from washing collard greens to serving as head chef over the course of a decade. He also spent time in New York City working at the legendary Union Square Café and under influential chef, Gray Kunz of Lespinasse at the St. Regis Hotel. As Executive Chef of Venue, Thad created five restaurant concepts, including his signature provincial French style menu Brasserie. Thad has been married for 30 years and has a son. He loves French Bulldogs and video games and seeks to give all his guests the most authentic, remarkable dining experiences possible. He is looking forward to welcoming you at Venue by 4M.

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