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Chef Thad Gillies at Venue

Venue by 4M Menu Gluten-Free Options

Here at Venue, we are proud to offer a wide and accommodating gluten-free menu to cater to the diverse dietary needs and preferences of our valued customers. We understand that individuals with gluten sensitivities, intolerance, or those following a gluten-free lifestyle should have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious dining experience without compromising their dietary restrictions.

Our dedicated team of chefs and kitchen staff have undergone extensive training to understand the intricacies of gluten-free cooking, ensuring that every dish is prepared with utmost care and attention to detail.

Menu items that are naturally gluten-free or have gluten-free options:

  • Pizza (surprisingly delicious GF crust option available)

  • Sandwiches & burgers (all are available with a GF bun)

  • Tacos (everything on our Mesa Taqueria menu is GF!)

  • Salads

4M Brunch Icon American Gothic

Gluten-Free Brunch Options

Many brunch items can be made gluten-free by substituting with our made-in-house gluten-free focaccia, with items like Avocado Toast, Eggs in Purgatory, Croque Madam, Venue Big Breakfast, and Bagel Egg Sandwiches. Our Chilaquiles are also entirely gluten-free.

Venue Brasserie Garlic Shrimp Tapas on a dinner place with a side of bread.
Neapolitan style margherita pizza on a round silver tray.
Thai sea bass entree with Thai coconut sauce and side of crispy potatoes and papaya and pine nut salad. .
Demkota Ranch New York strip steak on a white plate with an arugula and pea salad with Parmesan flakes and a side potato pave.
Salmon filet and mashed potatoes topped with a pickled fennel salad and a rich cashew and sesame Sichuan sauce.
Tomahawk pork chop with side of green beans finished with a whole-grain mustard reduction.
Shortrib Milanese smothered with a saffron tomato reduction. Served with creamy Parmesan grits.
Birria tacos with chopped onions and cilantro. Wings in the background.